About Damyan

Hey there!

My name is Damyan Diamandiev and I am a (young? – not anymore) digital enthusiast. I’ve been helping business since 2012. My digital career has passed mainly as a Project Manager and Operations Manager leading international remote teams of 10-15 people.

My expertise is strongly related to Campaign Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Funnels & CRO, SEO (on-page and off-page), CRM Management, Transactions Management, Client Management, Dispute Resolution, and many more.

Fields of Action

Here is what me and my team can help you with:

  • Email Marketing & Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation & Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Automations & Growth Hacking
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-page & Off-page)
  • Content Strategy & Management
  • Google Business Tools Setup
  • CRM Management & SaaS Installation
  • Social Media Management
  • Project & Team Management

Many Happy Clients

I’ve had more than 50 happy clients in the area of digital business and marketing operations behind my back. Some of these are:

OneUp Trader, PaySet, Telenor, Yettel, Nescafe, Pampers (P&G), SellerPlex, Benzinga, ConquerAndWin, PrepTerminal, WonderlicTestPrep, Melanion Capital, DreamTeamMachine, UseTheBitcoin, ForexBoat, haha.bg, SafeBuys, IrinaSantchezDeLozada, FireStitch, BinaryUno, BitcoinAverage, Trade.com, ForexTrainingGroup, Virtex, EgoPay, ThinkBig, FXMars, Forex-Metal, SpeedTrader and many more…

I am very happy with the fact that I am friends with all my clients and the teams that I ran. We stay in touch and we keep helping each other.

I strongly believe that the key to achieving business needs is the prompt communication, adequacy, and the proper addressing of demands.

How it started

During my first masters program, I was helping my first clients as a freelancer. As everyone, I started from the bottom – as a professional writer. The fields of writing I was covering were Business and Investing. Just a few years after, I had thousands of written materials published online.

During the time as a writer, I built my first website – a social network for traders. It was a disaster. Here is why:

  • Many technical errors
  • Styling issues and awful responsiveness
  • Poor SEO leading to a high spam score
  • Bad content strategy
  • No clear idea at all…
  • Bad social network presence

Yes, I learned things the hard way – by making many errors.

After I realized my mistakes, I started applying changes one by one:

  • I defined the purpose of my website – a social network for traders.
  • I started publishing high quality content on a regular basis.
  • I targeted my traffic toward a clear goal – registration.
  • I started applying professional tracking techniques.

Results weren’t late afterward. I noticed the traffic picking up and people actually getting registered in my social network for traders. Real discussions started appearing in the feed.

At that time, I was 21 years old and I didn’t have a monetization plan or ambitions at all. I just wanted to learn and to get recognition for my work.

And it happened.

Not a while after, I joined a remote international team as a freelancer, where I later got a job as an Operations Analyst. One year later, I got a promotion to a full-time Operations Manager, running the whole show. I was very young.

Ever since, I serve clients by setting up their marketing automations, fixing their operations, and pushing up their projects to the next level.

I Appreciate and Stand by Education

I took my BSc Business Administration (General Management) degree from City University of Seattle.

I continued my education in MSc International Management at the International University of Monaco. I backed up my MSc degree with a professional 6 month in-house internship in Monaco.

Later on I completed a second BSc degree in Marketing from New Bulgarian University, and then a second MSc degree in Journalism. Why did I decide to keep studying? Here is why…

Where Career & Passion Meet

In addition to digital business growth, my other passion is… communications and comedy! Yes, that’s right. And here is where both of these things meet: https://haha.bg – social network for jokes.

haha.bg started as a fun-project, which gradually grew into something bigger – a social network with hundreds of members, who publish jokes on a daily basis. Now I have hundreds of thousands thousands of domestic followers online:

  • Instagram: 31,000
  • TikTok: 180,000
  • Facebook 30,000
  • YouTube: 6,000
  • Twitter: 3,000

Also, I run my own comedy show which in normal and peaceful times takes place in front of a live audience.

Marketing Operations Agency

Since people started asking how all of this was done and professional requests were made, we unified all sources of projects and created DMDamyan – a place where you can book me and use me in favor of your project. What can I help you with:

  • Digital Business Consulting
  • Full-Scale Marketing Operations Management
  • Digital Audit & Marketing Strategy
  • Website Buildouts & Technical Integrations
  • Marketing Automations & Sales Funnels
  • Creatives & Content Production
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management

Now what?

So, need help for your digital business? Me and my team are ready to help you right away!

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